NEWS | August 9, 2023

Sticking Together Was Yesterday

Aufschnitt von jungen Technikern, die mit einem Verkabelungskit in einer Robotikklasse arbeiten. Männlicher Lehrer hilft ihnen, Ratschläge geben, mit Tablet PC. Basteln, Bildungskonzept. Web-Banner

For months, activists on the streets have been using adhesive to draw attention to the flaws in our climate policy. However, the actions of the “Last Generation” mainly lead to frustration. The traffic jams they cause result in delays on the way to work and turn holidays meant for relaxation into nerve-wracking stress events.

For some, these protest actions cast a negative light on Generations Y and Z. However, we believe that a blanket condemnation is not justified. Many young people are relying on creativity and intelligence rather than juvenile defiance to solve problems. This is evidenced by the numerous outstanding inventions from the winners of this year’s “Jugend forscht” (Youth research) national competition in Bremen, Germany. With the competition’s motto “Turn Ideas into Reality,” more than 100 participants submitted their concepts, spanning from environmental protection to medicine.

For instance, two students from different high schools in Tuttlingen and Spaichlingen developed a mini-computer for solar panels. This device measures the voltages and currents in individual cells and can compensate for losses when certain cells, for example, due to leaves, exhibit reduced performance. Future solar panels could become more energy-efficient and provide us with more green power through this invention. This is true creativity that achieves something, all without glue and paint bags!

Germany needs such forward thinkers, as those who “get stuck” will eventually be left behind. The solar calculator taps into a growth market that can be worthwhile to engage with. Solar cells require technologically metals like indium, gallium, and germanium, which private individuals can also invest in. Due to their scarcity, these resources promise the chance for attractive returns, alongside tax-free purchases and tax-free gains.