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We all benefit from production-critical metals such as gallium, indium, and germanium, as well as rare earths neodymium oxide, dysprosium oxide, and scandium oxide. We encounter these raw materials daily, incorporated into cars, computers, and smartphones, but hardly anyone knows their names. Since they are not traded on traditional stock exchanges due to low production volumes, this market remains not only unknown but also closed off to many people.

Noble BC GmbH has made it its mission to convey the significance of this sector to a broader public. The path to achieving this goal includes transparent products with a special security concept. Since May 2022, Noble BC has been targeting private customers to increasingly open up the market to them.

Technology metals are one of the major growth markets of our generation. The availability of these production-critical elements is also closely intertwined with upcoming societal and industrial developments.

High-Tech and Energy Transition

Photovoltaics and wind power will require technology metals and rare earths to an extent that we can’t even imagine yet. The same applies to the development of new techniques for more efficient energy saving. By investing in technology metals and rare earths, investors help bring these important raw materials into the country.

Fast-charging stations, clean drinking water, modern medicines, quantum computers, autonomous driving of electric cars, or fuel cell drives—here and in many other applications, technology metals and rare earths are the foundation. As part of newly developed catalysts, they enable the removal of plastic waste from the ocean and the filtering of carbon from the air. In X-ray machines and applied directly to human skin, these metals also support new cancer therapies.

It is time to examine these raw materials, consider supply and demand, and evaluate their suitability as an investment opportunity. Noble BC has done this for you and offers you professional access to this market.

Scarcity Means Returns

Technology metals and rare earths are currently still a pre-investment market. However, this could change very soon. Once large investors become aware of the new opportunities in this market, they may participate with significant sums. The result would be strongly rising prices.

Revealing the Chinese Strategy

China’s policy is primarily focused on relocating an increasing share of global industrial production to its own country—after all, it is necessary to provide work for the steady influx of people from rural regions to cities. The existence of the system depends on preventing mass unemployment. To bring industrial jobs to their own country, China is also taking aggressive measures. Companies that produce in the Middle Kingdom receive the required raw materials, in some cases, up to 40 percent cheaper than the world market price.

In wise anticipation of maintaining a thriving economy, the Chinese leadership accumulates large quantities of raw materials. This is done with the help of several commodity exchanges (also for technology metals) and state warehouses. Raw material investments are also not uncommon for individuals in China; copper investments are even frequently used as credit collateral. China is also active in foreign countries regarding raw materials: well-known examples are the country’s activism in the African continent and in Afghanistan.

Building Europe's Raw Material Reserves Together

In Europe, there is no stock exchange for high-tech metals, no regulated market, and no state warehouses. However, there should also be accumulations of raw materials here to reduce dependencies and create a regulated market that is easily accessible to private investors. Noble BC is already providing concepts and ideas to bring the raw materials back to our continent and keep them here after this first step. After all, mindful handling of these scarce metals is important, and it is about carefully recycling them again and again. Only in this way can these production-critical raw materials remain in Europe.


The 2022 Russia crisis has shown us that the one who has control over resources and raw materials has the upper hand in the world. For us, as a raw material-poor country, this means that we must begin to build significant stocks of high-tech metals to avoid losing our connection to China and the world. The strong price increase that currently accompanies scarcity is the reward for those who already have the courage to invest in these important raw materials.

Help us make an investment in these metals popular! With the right raw materials, our society is well prepared for the challenges of the future.

An overview of all currently offered technology metals and rare earths can be found in our new brochure

The Management

Lars Kruse has been Managing Director of Noble BC since May 2022. For his task of strategically and operationally building up the company, he can draw on more than 15 years of experience in the finance sector. In 2014, he deliberately left the traditional financial industry to share his knowledge and experience with other companies. As a management consultant, he specialized in venture capital and was able to contribute many of his own ideas and creativity in this area.

Since then, Lars Kruse’s heart has been beating primarily for start-ups in the financial sector that rethink established structures and show alternative ways. He accompanied these companies from ground zero to market establishment. In Noble BC and its products, he sees a green and above all secure investment alternative. The combination of future orientation and investment security has inspired Lars Kruse to take care of the market entry of Noble BC and its associated organizational expansion.

The Company

Noble BC GmbH is a young, innovative company in the field of trading with technology metals and rare earths. As the first provider in Europe, Noble BC maps all trading activities with production-critical raw materials on the blockchain. In doing so, it helps Noble Elements GmbH, the parent company and one of the largest importers, to become the market leader in this field.

With blockchain technology, Noble BC creates an unprecedented security standard for all international and national raw material purchases. Only here, customers have the opportunity to track their raw material purchases through a wallet (a kind of virtual wallet) in all phases. The entire process, from storage to the sale of metals, is transparently depicted. This prevents fraudulent short sales, for example.

By trading in production-critical resources such as indium, gallium, and neodymium oxide, not only private customers but also the European industry benefit. These metals and rare earths are needed, among other things, for wind turbines and electric cars. The goal of Noble BC is nothing less than to ensure the supply security of these raw materials in Europe.

Expert Statement

"People are suffering from financial stress, stock markets are crashing, real estate prices are falling, and inflation is eating away at savings. Currently, there is only one asset class that works – commodities."

Andreas Kroll, Noble Elements


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