At Noble BC, metal trading meets digital fund allocation control

Noble BC was specifically founded to collaborate with Finomet GmbH. Their blockchain platform offers a unique security concept for your metal investments. The timing for this partnership couldn’t be better, as the added security comes just in time, especially during uncertain times.

Your advantages through the blockchain

With Finomet’s blockchain solution, Noble BC is a pioneer in the technology metals and rare earths market – giving you as a customer an effective control instrument for your investment.

Proof of storage for your raw materials

Paper, as we all know, is patient and can easily be copied. With the digital proof of storage, Noble BC offers additional protection against fraud. Because you can see it for yourself when your metals arrive at the warehouse – accurate to the gram. In addition, the storage certificate is your proof that the technology metals and rare earths you have purchased are actually present. Finomet is the digital controller of the use of funds.

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No double spending

Double spending” is when a single piece of goods is sold to several consumers at the same time. Unfortunately, this often happened in the past in the precious metal trade. When customers then wanted to sell their metal, it could happen that it was no longer available. Noble BC prevents double spending by using the blockchain solution of Finomet GmbH. So you get what you ordered. Your metals are yours, and yours alone.

Live comparison of the ordered goods with the stock on hand

With Noble BC, your order quantity and the raw materials already in stock are like two scales that balance each other out at some point. The highlight of this is that you can follow live how the stock quantity matches the target of your order. This way you are always in control and can react at any time if the order does not arrive at the warehouse on time – although this is usually only due to delivery bottlenecks.

The plus for security and transparency

The only thing you have to do as a customer for these advantages: Look for the Finomet Plus sign! Only then will you enjoy transparency and security in all your investments.

The blockchain warehouse is the safe of the future

“Rarely is it good to store precious metals under the bed, never is it good to store critical commodities under the bed.” Andreas Kroll, commodities specialist


What do gold, technology metals and rare earths have in common? They are material assets, and hardly anyone would store them in large quantities at home. Therefore, the question arises as to the right storage – and associated with that, a reputable provider.

When storing your precious metals and rare earths, Noble BC relies on bonded warehouses that are audited by Finomet. What this means for you as a customer: transparency and security. Finomet reflects your entire commodity holdings on the blockchain. This works in a similar way to a land register: on your “wallet”, a kind of digital wallet, you as an investor receive a “token” for every gram of commodities stored. Such a token can only belong to one customer at a time. This excludes multiple distribution of the metals in storage as well as short sales.

Since it is a duty-free warehouse, neither customs duties nor VAT are payable as long as your raw materials are in the warehouse. Duties are only payable on withdrawal, so you save costs. Capital gains are also tax-free after one year.

Meter-thick walls and cameras

There are numerous security precautions at the interface between people and the stored goods. The Freeport Berlin-Brandenburg, for example, is a veritable fortress. Windowless, with metre-thick concrete walls, it is located in a place not made public. On the way to the two storage rooms, visitors are filmed at every turn. The metals and rare earths are each behind a double-door lock. Before passing through these, you have to hand over your smartphone, as filming and photography are prohibited in the warehouse. Of course, the warehouse also has theft insurance, and all employees are insured against embezzlement. The safety of your goods is thus ensured.

As a customer, you can recognise certified blockchain warehouses by the Finomet plus sign. This way you can make sure that a storage provider has these new security standards.