The company management

Lars Kruse has been the CEO of Noble BC since May 2022. With over 15 years of experience in the finance industry, he is well-equipped to strategically and operationally build up the company. In 2014, Lars consciously left the traditional finance sector to share his knowledge and expertise with other companies. As a business consultant, he specialized in venture capital and had the opportunity to bring his own ideas and creativity to the forefront.

Since then, Lars Kruse’s passion has been for fintech startups that challenge established structures and showcase alternative approaches. He has supported these companies from their inception to market establishment. In Noble BC and its products, he sees a green and above all secure investment alternative. The integration of the Finomet blockchain technology makes Noble BC one of the most innovative players in the current investment market. This combination of forward-thinking and investment security inspired Lars Kruse to take charge of the market entry and organizational development of Noble BC.

The company

Noble BC GmbH is a young, innovative company specializing in the trading of technology metals and rare earths. As the first provider in Europe, Noble BC conducts all trading activities involving critical raw materials on the blockchain. This contributes to Noble Elements GmbH, the parent company and one of the largest importers, establishing market leadership in this field.

Through blockchain technology, Noble BC creates an unprecedented level of security for all international and national raw material purchases. Customers have the unique opportunity to track their raw material purchases at every stage using a wallet (a type of virtual purse). The entire process, from storage to the sale of metals, is transparently recorded. This, for instance, prevents fraudulent short sales.

By trading in critical resources such as indium, gallium, and neodymium oxide, Noble BC benefits not only private customers but also the European industry. These metals and rare earths are essential for wind turbines and electric vehicles, among other applications. Noble BC’s goal is nothing less than ensuring the security of supply of these raw materials in Europe.

Expert Voice

"The world is replacing coal, gas, and oil with the metals indium, gallium, and neodymium oxide."

Andreas Kroll, Noble Elements


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