NEWS | August 9, 2023

Now asset managers and fund managers are in trouble!

Geschäftsmann mit zunehmendem Graph

ChatGPT can predict the course of stock prices better than humans. This was discovered by two finance professors from the University of Florida, who fed the AI with over 50,000 headlines related to multiple companies. When they subsequently had the software evaluate whether the news was good or bad for the stock prices of the companies, the program outperformed human analysts.

Is ChatGPT on its way to becoming a kind of crystal ball for investors? Or to put it differently: Is AI now not only replacing writers and accountants but also financial advisors? “This is one of those rare cases where the hype is real,” said Slavi Marinov, Head of Machine Learning at Man AHL, a company specializing in data-based investment strategies. The AI can largely interpret news accurately and derive stock trends even from articles published after 2021, which are not included in the training data of the chatbot.

The only remaining question is whether ChatGPT is also ready to provide recommendations for commodity investments. We asked the AI whether it would invest in technology metals and rare earths. The response sounded very promising:

Technology metals and rare earths are resources used in the production of high-tech products and renewable energy technologies. These include metals like lithium, cobalt, copper, and rare earths like neodymium, dysprosium, and terbium. Due to their unique properties, these resources can play a crucial role in the manufacturing of electronic devices, batteries, solar panels, wind turbines, and other renewable energy technologies.

This promises good prospects for the future:

In recent years, the growth of renewable energy and the increasing demand for electric vehicles have raised the demand for technology metals and rare earths.

However, ChatGPT also advises investors to conduct thorough analysis and weigh the risks and opportunities before investing in these resources. But we’ve already done that for you, so you don’t have to worry about anything. With our product “Noble Portfolio+Finomet,” we have put together a “Ready-to-Go” package with the most important energy metals and rare earths for you.