NEWS | August 9, 2023

Key Resource Gallium in Galileo and FAZ

Nahaufnahme des flüssigen Galliums von männlichen Händen

Those who had never heard of this technology metal before now have the opportunity to discover its fascinating capabilities. In a recent episode of the “science show” Galileo, viewers witnessed how Gallium enables the creation of LEDs in various colors, improves computer chips, and effortlessly eats through a hard aluminum baseball bat. However, one crucial aspect of this production-critical metal seemed to be overlooked: Gallium is also a pivotal resource for the energy transition.

Hydrogen Producer

The show aptly demonstrated Gallium’s reaction with aluminum. The aluminum baseball bat broke precisely where the reporter had applied Gallium earlier. Yet, this reactivity possesses incredible potential that the program failed to address: when combined with water, a 3:1 compound of aluminum and Gallium produces green hydrogen, all without any external energy input. This attribute makes Gallium a green energy metal.

Key Resource Gallium Arsenide

Indispensable for both the energy transition and the communication sector is the compound Gallium Arsenide. It’s present in the latest generation of solar cells as well as power amplifiers for the 5G and 6G mobile networks. This renders Gallium an irreplaceable resource for the future.

Industry Sounds the Alarm

Reports of scarcity are becoming more frequent. Just today, a contribution triggered by the anticipated Gallium shortage appeared in FAZ: Saxony-based semiconductor company Freiberger Compound Materials is overwhelmed by orders. The company’s clients are attempting to stockpile as much of the critical resource Gallium as possible to be prepared for August 1st, the deadline for export controls. From then on, they anticipate lengthy approval processes for Gallium shipments, uncertain if the Chinese government will ever release them. Freiberger Compound Materials, the world’s largest Gallium consumer, is also building its reserves. “We have reserves that can sustain us for a few months, but not indefinitely,” states CEO Michael Harz.

Every Gram Counts

To prepare for August 1st, we all need to work together. Even private customers can stockpile, facilitated by professional commodity traders like Noble BC. Our storage still contains substantial Gallium reserves that could support the industry for a few months. Through us, private buyers have the opportunity to secure their investment with cutting-edge technology and can enjoy the chance for attractive returns, alongside tax-free purchasing and tax-free gains.

Watch the segment on Galileo here